Latin America Where Am I

Intro Video

Presentation File Student Sheet Instructor Script

In this activity the Instructor guides the students on a journey through an unknown Latin American empire. The presentation file contains all the audio and visual materials you will need except for the intro video which is available above. If you click through the video to view in on the Vimeo site you should be able to download it. The presentation is designed to feel like an old adventure game where the player is led from scene to scene picking up clues. It uses videos, animations and sounds to create a game-like experience.

As you are running the presentation there is a script to read along with it. Each slide is numbered in the presentation so following along should be easy.

The student sheet may be used as an assessment piece for the lab. It is likely not necessary and could be given as oral instructions depending on your students.

I will be using this activity as my final assessment for the Latin America unit. I believe that students will need to show a deep understanding of all 3 empires to be able to solve this puzzle successfully.