College Knowledge

A series of lessons designed for students who are new to thinking about their choice of college.

  1. My Dream School - A survey activity using PearDeck where students consider some oft-ignored questions about what they want from a college.

  2. College Rivals Pennants and Rap Battles - Students research a famous college rivalry then choose one of the schools to represent as their team by creating a pennant and writing a short rap track to support them (and dis the other guys!) I use to read the raps - students absolutely love it!

  3. College "Dating" Profile - Students research a chosen college in greater depth then create a dating profile page for their college.

  4. 10 Reasons to Go to College - A very basic presentation with 10 quick stats (from 2013) about why going to college is beneficial.

  5. My 10 Reasons to Go to College - Student activity where they create their own presentation on 10 reasons they want to go to college.