Constitutional Government

PowerPoint Presentations

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Pillars of the Constitution - Learn the 5 main aspects of our Constitutional government and how they serve as pillars on which the rest of the government is built.

The Legislative Branch - Let's make some laws!

The Executive Branch - Go on a virtual tour of the White House to experience the many different roles and responsibilities of the president.

The Judicial Branch - Get busted and attempt to navigate the court system to prove your innocence and experience our Constitutional court system.

Lessons and Activities

Resistance: Constitutional Crisis - a break out/in activity where students solve a series of puzzles based on the Constitution to unlock the ultimate weapon against tyranny.

Preamble: Can They Do That? - A short activity with some scenarios designed to show the 6 roles of government in the Preamble weren't sufficient on their own to run a country.

Federalism: State vs National Power - A hyperdoc based on an activity from TCI to help understand federalism.

HA: Federalist 10 - Why is the Constitution built on representative government and not majority rule?

Legislative Branch Minis - A series of minis to experience the law making process with dice and to learn the requirements for legislative office.

Situation Room Simulation - *Highly recommended!* Learn about the roles of the Cabinet secretaries by being one in this simulation.

Executive Agency Review ft. Ron Swanson - Role play as Ron Swanson as you excitedly decide which executive agencies to cut from the budget then reverse to play as Leslie Knope to defend them!

Executive Branch Minis - Mini activities from Mount Vernon and iCivics to help understand the role of the executive branch.

WTE: The Electoral College - Students investigate a series of sources to determine whether or not the electoral college should be abolished.

Election Day! (PearDeck) - Participate in a few activities to help understand how the president is elected. (A simplified version of the WTE above.)

HA: Judicial Review - A few remixed activities and readings from iCivics to help explore the origin of judicial review focusing on the Marbury vs. Madison case.

Judicial Branch Minis - A series of minis (with a great one stolen from @DHelmEDU!) on judicial oaths, judicial review and judicial philosophies.

Checks and Balances ft. Branch Battles - Now that you've learned about all 3 branches, lets focus on how they interact in the only logical manner: Rap battles!

Political Agenda Card/Role-playing Game - Based on an activity from students take on various roles representing the three branches. Each player has their own personal agenda they are trying to complete to earn bonus points. It's a complicated mess, but a ton of fun - just like government!

Constitution Choose Your Own Adventure Learning Menu - 10(ish) assignments from students to choose from to demonstrate their learning.


  1. Constitution USA (E1) A More Perfect Union Run time: 52 mins - A documentary that looks at the application of the Constitution in our world today. Content Warning: There's a pretty hefty discussion of marijuana legalization at the beginning.

Student Worksheet I Key - These are based on a version I edited down, they will still work for the regular version, there will just be a big gap in the questions near the beginning. (Or, skip to 8:32 after question 3.)