The Government and You!

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Bill of Rights - The Constitution is all about "We the people" of course, but the Bill of Rights is the part of the Constitution that is REALLY about the people.

Activities, Lab and Lessons

You Be the Judge - given a scenario, decide if the government violated someone's rights. Full Class Edition (with key)

Bill of Rights Breakdown - a closer analysis of each of the first 10 amendments to the Constitution.

BoRacketology - just my Bracketology activity from CYOA. I just wanted you to see my extremely clever title.

The "Other" Amendments - The first 10 amendments get most of the attention, but the other amendments are important too. Let's look at a few today with a focus on your voting rights.

Let's Get Political! (PearDeck) - An introduction to major political issues and the major party responses to them in the US.

How to Vote: Candidates and Interest Groups - An adapted TCI lesson where students learn about candidates political positions to find one to support then find an interest group to support them.

Political Ads - Remixed lesson using resources from TCI, Retro Report, The Great Hack and more. See how political advertising has changed over time and social media's impact on it today.

HA: The Initiative Process - A look at California state politics, particularly our unique (and regularly abused) system of direct democracy.

I've Got Issues - A culminating project where students provide a solution for a local problem and detail who to contact to do something about it.


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Constitution USA (E2) It's a Free Country Run Time: 53 mins - Documentary that explores some of the Bill of Rights by interviewing people all across America.

The West Wing (S6, E15) Freedonia Run Time: 42 mins - The debate over whether to use a negative ad comes up in the Santos campaign. Great episode showing why negative ads are used.