400 points (two people)


Your task: Create a newspaper about the unit consisting of articles, comic strips, advertisements and editorials.


1. Give your paper a title that fits with the unit. “History Newspaper” is not enough!

2. Create 8 or more items for your newspaper including:

a. 3 or more news articles about events from the unit. These should be written from the point of view of a reporter who witnessed these events and was “in the middle of the action.” These articles should be a minimum of two paragraphs and should include made-up quotes from people involved in the event.

b. 1 obituary of a famous person from this period. An obituary is a short retelling of the major events in that person’s life.

c. 1 picture that goes along with one of your front page stories.

d. 3 or more “other” items such as:

-Comic strips about either a person or event from the time period. Each strip should be at least 3 panels in length.

-Advertisements from a company that might have existed at the time.

-Puzzles about the time period such as a crossword, jumble or word search.

-Sports report about a sport played in this period.


-Advice column

3. Design a front cover for your paper that includes the paper’s title, a picture and a table of contents which tells which page the parts are on.

4. Number ALL 8 sections and make sure they are included in your table of contents.