How To

I. Physical Set Up

I have 45 accordion folders attached to my classroom wall. Each of them has a pretty label (CYOA Designs) and is color-coded based on its point value. I have printed instructions sheets for each assignment in those folders. They are there from day 1 of class and it doesn't take long for students to start asking about them. This builds interest before we actually do them for the first time. I have tried other methods like just putting out the assignments available for that unit but it was just too much constant adjustment. The perfect solution would be to send them to the website to print their own sheets but my school doesn't not have enough computer access to make that work.

II. The Set Up

I introduce the assignments throughout the year with a heavy emphasis on them early on. I assign some of them as in-class assignments so every student goes through the directions with me. Once they've done a few as a class it becomes much easier to let them choose new ones that haven't been introduced.

Then, each time we do CYOA, we begin with a Cover Sheet. Students must choose their assignments before they begin working. I have them show me their list just to make sure they have chosen the correct number of points and assignments they can actually handle. Once I approve the list they may take their first instruction sheet. When it is finished they get the next and so on.

III. Collecting and Grading

Throughout the work days students turn in assignments as they are completed. They are not graded at that time. They are only checked for completion. If they are complete I stamp the cover sheet and return the work. If they are incomplete it is returned without a stamp until completed properly. If youw ant to stay sane do not accept incomplete work as it makes the grading ridiculous. When students are done with all of their points they turn them all in as a packet.

All grading is based on the CYOA General Rubric. It is a good idea if time permits to have students grade themselves (or a partner) first. This makes it much easier when it comes to grading them yourself since you always have the option of just going with the student grade. The grading is actually quite quick and simple. It is only a 3 point rubric and since the assignments were already checked for completion that saves a ton of time. I can easily get through a full class of packets in an hour and that is taking my time.