Market Wars

PowerPoint Presentations

While these presentations will technically function in Google Slides, they won't work well. Download the file as a PowerPoint and run it from your Desktop for best results!

Demand - fully animated graphs, woo! A discussion of demand with a focus on the various ways to shift a demand curve.

Supply - purposefully similar presentation to the one above, just looking at supply instead.

Pricing & Equilibrium - Watch the invisible hand do its magic! Missing some fun videos, thanks Congress!

Lessons and Activities

  1. Production Possibilities Frontier - Understanding that businesses make choices on what to produce is a key point to making sense of how supply of a product can change (because they produce something else!) in a market. Let's start here.

  2. Economic Analysis: Conspicuous Consumption - The law of demand doesn't always apply, sometimes quantity demanded can rise along with price. Let's analyze how with our special guest 50 Cent!

  3. History x Econ: The Gold Rush - Prices at the Gold Rush were way out of balance. Was it a supply or demand problem?

  4. The Marriage of Supply and Demand - Nothing can keep these two crazy kids apart. Let's be wedding planners to help them find eternal bliss! Here's the story file which contains the story setup and musical interludes. Here's the presentation file which contains the honeymoon photo slideshow! I use this piece as a fun transition to the closing activity.

  5. Is Disneyland too... Cheap? - What better way to understand price and equilibrium than by overturning common knowledge? (And visiting Disneyland of course.)

  6. Supply and the Labor Market (PearDeck) - Does it really matter what you want to be when you grow up? Great question. Let's investigate!

  7. Minimum Wage Debate - Debate the economics behind raising the minimum wage, but try to avoid using the F word. ("Fair" of course.)

  8. What in the World is Inflation? - *Highly Recommended!* Inflation is all the rage in 2022! Is it a supply issue or a demand issue? Let's have an auction and find out!

  9. Economic Inquiry: Going Green - two stories, one fictional, one sadly not, to show the impact of market failures on humans (and Seussian creatures.)

  10. CYOA Learning Menu - a learning menu where students choose from a series of activities to demonstrate their understand of the unit.


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The Profit (S2, E14) Coopersburg Sports (Runtime 42 mins) - Competition is one of the characteristics of a free market. How does a small, family-run business compete with a huge company? We're often told they can't. Coopersburg Sports faces that very problem. Can they innovate and compete or will they be run out of town? Study Guide with Questions